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I'm not one of those types who sews a Canadian flag onto his backpack when traveling overseas. I'm just not. That's because I don't sew very well. The fact is, during my last sojourn to Europe in 2004, I faced an up-hill climb in combating the stereotypes Europeans (those I talked to, anyway) had of Americans as loutish, close-minded, vainglorious oafs (with access to long-range missiles and a sense of entitlement). Now, either those attitudes were based somewhat in truth or the Europeans I met happened to be as close-minded as they believed my countrymen to be. Or both. I'd like to say that I fought the good fight and dispelled some stereotypes, but my cause was not aided by the fact that Bush was visiting the continent at the time. And that I behaved pretty much like an oaf. A loutish one at that. Read more»

Iraq and Iran vie to best Saudi as the world's leading producer of oil and it's China that looms as final arbiter. Read more»

Pope Benedict XVI reads a copy of L'Osservatore Romano while on an airplane, 2008.

Opinion: He needs to stop blaming media for failings of his own leadership and his own church. Read more»

A former President with an eye for the ladies. A rogue state dictator known for Bacchanalian self-indulgence. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!! Read more»

A billboard is attacked during unrest in Bishkek on Thursday.

Three days after thousands of protesters President Bakiyev from the capital, officials in the country's new government expressed outrage that Washington turned a blind eye to the deposed administration's abuses. Some of them are calling for the closure of the United States' air base. Read more»

Is it possible for America's bestselling authors to become so repetitive that the pieces of their books, if broken apart, would fit back together, in any order, as cleanly as if produced on an assembly line? Read more»

The 'party of yes'? Or the 'party of no'? Both words are one syllable, so pronunciation shouldn't be much of an issue. Making it a tough call. Read more»

Ever wonder how some guys get all the girls? Well, there's no mystery, really! Money and power! Chicks love it! Read more»

President Obama, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, left, and Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus share a toast during a luncheon at Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday.

Real diplomacy doesn’t happen to the sound of applause. In recent weeks, it seems Obama has come to understand this and has shown a change in the White House’s game plan when it comes to international affairs. Read more»

Jordan's Queen Rania

The kings of Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia could speak more freedom into the law with a single royal statement. Read more»

Like monks calculating the number of angels able to dance on the head of a pin, the apparatchiks of our international assistance community remain focused on dogma, never questioning the foundations of their credo. Read more»

It struck me that the easily recognizable 3-by-3 familial square of the American Brady Bunch might play out quite differently elsewhere. Such as in India, where the caste system continues to thrive in rural regions. Read more»

With a tagline of "short term memory gloss," the Daily Show's Jon Stewart raked Sen. John McCain over the coals for changing his position on several issues. Stewart accused McCain of selling his soul on Tuesday's show. Read more»

City Council member Rodney Glassman resigned his seat and threw his hat into the ring for a Senate run against, very probably, Senator John McCain. Is McCain scared? Well, Cindy's not. Read more»

Queen Elizabeth II, on a U.K. banknote.

Three months ago the assumption was the Conservatives would win Britain's elections easily. But, according to the latest polls, it is now possible that none of the main political parties will win a majority, there will be a hung parliament and the Queen will have to choose a minority government. Read more»

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