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The Sackler family, the owners of Purdue Pharma, reached a settlement in federal court yesterday that will give them full immunity from all civil legal claims, current and future, over their role in the company’s prescription opioids business. Read more»

Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott at a March 2022 meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

"It is vitally important that citizens are able to address elected officials to share their concerns and opinions, but the public comment period should not serve primarily as a venue for orchestrated partisan behavior. Devoting an hour each meeting to public comments and limiting individual speaker time shows our commitment to hearing from our citizens, but mitigates against one group hogging the floor to further their own ends." — Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott Read more»

Negotiators included a provision that would ensure there isn’t another fiscal crisis when Congress must pass 12 appropriations bills by October to keep the government funded into the next fiscal year.

House Republicans pushed the U.S. to the edge of a fiscal crisis because they wanted deep cuts in spending - but the budget was designed to appeal to enough Republicans and Democrats to get it through Congress and does hardly anything to address America’s debt problem. Read more»

This is a VCR (video cassette recorder) like the one Amphitheater Unified School District's Governing Board will vote to sell in a week where there is just one, rather dull, local public meeting.

Local elected leaders will hold just one meeting this week, when the Amphitheater Unified School District Governing Board will discuss an update to how the district uses testing to place students in grades. Read more»

While you're firing up the grill and reaching for a cold one on Monday afternoon. take a moment or two to remember why so many people are able to take a long weekend. Memorial Day is more than a fun day off — it's a time to remember the lives lost by those in service to the United States, in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. Read more»

President Joe Biden vowed he wouldn’t negotiate with Republicans on raising the debt ceiling, demanding a clean bill without cuts to spending. As it turns out, President Joe Biden will negotiate with terrorists. Read more»

An irrigation canal moves Colorado River water through farm fields in Yuma.

Arizona, California and Nevada have narrowly averted a regional water crisis by agreeing to reduce their use of Colorado River water over the next three years - but this deal only represents a temporary solution to a long-term crisis. Read more»

A Title 42 protest in Nogales, Sonora on March 22, 2022. Immigration officials have used the health order more than 2 million times to expel migrants since March, 2020.

Many religious traditions preach the need to care for strangers, and after Title 42 restrictions at the U.S. border ended, debates about immigration and border security have heated up again – but the treatment of immigrants is deeply intertwined with religious freedom. Read more»

Republicans don’t actually care about corruption. They only care about taking partisan shots. Read more»

Tucson's $2.2 billion budget tops a long list of agenda items the City Council will take up this week.

The Tucson City Council will hold a study session Tuesday to discuss, oh, just about everything they've ever thought about discussing at any particular time. Plus more in other local government meetings this week. Read more»

Some groups with ties to the Oath Keepers – an extremist group with leaders who were found guilty of seditious conspiracy connected to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol – were granted tax-exempt status.

The wide array of U.S. nonprofits includes many media outlets, chambers of commerce and political parties, but the IRS also granted tax-exempt status to extremists, including an Oath Keepers foundation – here’s why that’s not as surprising as it sounds. Read more»

Title 42 ended and the republic survived as border crossings fell, rather than skyrocketing as cable news pundits feverishly forecast.

I've been waiting for the foretold catastrophic flood of migrants crossing the border after the end of Title 42. But early indications are that crossings have fallen precipitously, even as Pima County and social service workers have been handling the problem. Read more»

Electric vehicles seem to be having their moment these days, even if it's too soon to celebrate that last tank of gasoline. From what we can see here in Arizona, advances in EV manufacturing and battery chemistry have together brought an electric vehicle future closer than most have ever considered possible. Read more»

Right-wing media is excited that the Durham investigation has finally issued a report for them to be excited about. And just like with Hunter Biden’s laptop and crime in the Biden family, the headline is more exciting than the actual details. Read more»

Voters say said to Prop. 412, a franchise agreement between Tucson Electric Power and the city of Tucson.

Prop. 412 — an election that would have allowed Tucson Electric the continued right to access public rights of way for repairs — died a sputtering, sparkly death Tuesday. All sides have until 2026 to come up with a new deal. Read more»

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