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Poll: Gingrich edges out Romney among registered Republicans

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Poll: Gingrich edges out Romney among registered Republicans

Cain ranks high despite sexual harassment allegations

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich edged out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney among registered Republicans questioned in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Gingrich was the favorite with 22 percent of the votes from registered Republicans, beating out Romney by just one percentage point. But among all Republicans, Romney took the top spot with 20 percent, compared to 19 percent for Gingrich.

Despite allegations of sexual harassment and recent foreign policy gaffes, Herman Cain is still in the race, place third with 16 percent, CBS News reported. Texas Rep. Ron Paul received 10 percent among all Republicans.

"With the first official nominating contest, the Iowa caucuses, now just six weeks away, there is no clear national front-runner for the Republican nomination," Gallup wrote, according to CBS.

However, reports that Gingrich’s companies made millions of dollars through “strategic advice” to many large companies could hurt his chances at the presidency, according to NPR.

NPR reported:

Given the rise and fall of support for Rep. Michele Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Herman Cain as a large number of Republicans continue to show their unhappiness with their choices, particularly the man thought to be the likeliest nominee, Romney, it would be an understatement to say that significant skepticism exists about Gingrich actually becoming the nominee.

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