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Funniest celebrity election videos

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Funniest celebrity election videos

For over a year we've been bombarded with campaign ads. Our brains and inboxes are saturated with clichéd jingles and patriotic slogans and our phones won't stop ringing, (It's almost over Ohio). We've been told that, should we elect the wrong candidate Tuesday, the country will crumble into a chaotic state of relentless horror.

One of the few respites from all such inundating advertisement is the celebrity spoof election ad.

Celebrities are eager to join the political fray, sometimes offering themselves as fodder for pundits lurking around every corner of the Internet. Last month, Lena Dunham's election video (seen below) prompted questions like, "Lena Dunham's sexy Obama ad: Youthfully alluring or bad taste?"

But others like Chris Rock, Will Farrell, Joss Whedon and Don Cheadle (all seen below), while still virtually stumping for their guy (surprise, it's President Obama) do so with a refreshing splash of irony, satire and humor.

In a way, the election spoof ad reminds us of the absurdity that comes our way once every four years.

Will Ferrell will let you punch him. Or give you a tattoo:

Chris Rock on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Message for White Voters:

Don Cheadle ironically endorses Mitt Romney:

Joss Whedon: Still undecided? Think about the future:

Lena Dunham talks about her first time voting and why she's voting for President Obama:

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