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Election 2014 by the numbers

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Election 2014 by the numbers

Estimated number of TV ads aired through late October targeting U.S. Senate elections: 908,000

Number of states where a Senate-focused TV ad in late October appeared, on average, at least once every two minutes: 8

Number of Senate-focused TV ads aired this cycle on KTUU-TV 2 in Anchorage, Alaska: 12,300

Stations that have aired more: 0

Percentage of all Senate-focused TV ads, on average, sponsored by outside spending groups: 38

Percentage in North Carolina’s Senate race: 55

Chance that a Senate-focused TV ad sponsored by a candidate is positive: 1 in 2

Chance that a Senate-focused TV ad sponsored by an outside group is positive: 1 in 5

Percentage of positive TV ads aired in South Dakota’s Senate race: 61

Percentage of positive TV ads aired in North Carolina’s Senate race: 18

Number of key Senate races in which “dark money” groups have aired at least 20 percent of all TV ads: 7

Number of seats Republicans must wrest from Democrats to control the Senate: 6

Pivotal Senate races where Democratic-aligned dark money groups have aired more ads than GOP ones: 0

Amount North Carolina’s two major Senate candidates have raised as of mid-October: $32 million

Amount all outside groups have told the Federal Election Commission they’ve spent on North Carolina’s Senate race: $76 million

Ratio by which Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., has out-raised Republican Thom Tillis: 2.5-to-1

Hagan’s average lead in recent polls: 0.9 percent

Estimated percentage of U.S. adults who contributed at least $200 to a politician or political group: 0.28

Number of Americans who have given at least $1 million to super PACs: 42

Total amount raised by super PACs this election cycle: $600 million

Amount raised by Democratic-aligned super PAC NextGen Climate Action: $76 million

Percentage of that total attributable to billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer: 94

Amount Koch-backed nonprofit Americans for Prosperity reportedly plans to spend: $125 million

Portion of ads in Kentucky’s Senate race aired by a single pro-McConnell nonprofit with unknown donors: 1/7

Number of states with gubernatorial elections on Nov. 4: 36

Number with competitive ones: 17

Portion of the estimated $486 million spent on TV ads in all gubernatorial races spent in those 17 contests: 2/3

Estimated amount spent in Florida’s governor race alone: $81 million

Ratio of positive-to-negative TV ads in Florida that mention Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist: 1-to-7

Portion of ads in Kansas’ gubernatorial race that have been sponsored by dark money groups: 1/3

Amount of his own money Illinois Republican Bruce Rauner has sunk into his gubernatorial bid: $26 million

Estimated amount spent on TV ads related to statewide ballot measures in California: $75 million

Estimated time it would take to watch every TV ad for all statewide ballot measures back-to-back: 60 days

Minimum number of TV ads in state-level and U.S. Senate races that have mentioned President Barack Obama or the Obamacare health care reform law: 445,000

Minimum number of pro-Hillary Clinton super PACs registered to date with the FEC: 7

Amount raised so far by the largest of them: $10 million

Amount raised by a super PAC supporting a 2016 presidential bid by Republican neurosurgeon and Obamacare critic Ben Carson: $11 million

Portion of vote winner of Georgia’s Senate race must earn to avoid a runoff: 50

Date of the potential Georgia Senate runoff: Jan. 6, 2015

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