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Perry's 'bizarre' N.H. cornerstone speech

From the archive: This story is more than 10 years old.

Perry's 'bizarre' N.H. cornerstone speech

Viral video shows a fidgety, giddy candidate

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry
    Ben Philpott/Texas TribuneTexas Gov. Rick Perry

A giddy Gov. Rick Perry was fidgety and full of exuberance in this must-watch speech recorded in New Hampshire Friday night.

The revealing video appears to have gone viral. Business Insider called it the “Bizarre Video of Rick Perry That Everyone is Talking About.” Fox News linked to the YouTube sensation, a compilation of the giddiest moments from the speech, saying it shows “Perry Uncorked in One of His Wildest Speeches Yet.”

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said the governor was "passionate in his remarks" but he said he saw nothing unusual in Perry's delivery of his speech.

It’s Rick Perry like you’ve never seen him.

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