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World population to hit 7 billion on Oct. 31

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World population to hit 7 billion on Oct. 31

The world's population will officially hit 7 billion on Oct. 31 —  at least according to the State of World Population 2011, a report published by the United Nations Population Fund.

According to Agence France-Presse, population growth is accelerating. The global population is estimated to have reached a billion people by the year 1800, before hitting 2 billion in 1927. The 3 billion mark was reached by 1959, 4 billion by 1974, 5 billion by 1987, and 6 billion by 1999.

The world adds 80 million people to its population every year — about the same number of people who live in Germany or Ethiopia.

Experts say the world's population could reach 10 billion by 2050.

People under the age of 25 make up 43 percent of the world's population, and life expectancy is climbing while infant mortality is declining, the UNFPA report says. 

According to Reuters:

Many demographers and long-term planners say the challenge for the next century will be less dealing with growing numbers of people and more managing the much larger population of aged and perhaps dependent people while finding new strategies to deliver prosperity, jobs and essential services.

This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.

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