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Apple to unveil new iPhone Oct. 4?

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Apple to unveil new iPhone Oct. 4?

Company teases tech journalists


Saying simply "Let's talk iPhone," Apple on Tuesday invited tech journalists to an event at its headquarters on Oct. 4, MSNBC reports.

According to CNET, the company is expected to unveil the next generation of the iPhone:

The company sent an e-mail to select reporters earlier today, saying the event will start at 10 a.m. PT next week with an "executive presentation." Although Apple didn't specifically mention the iPhone 5 by name, speculation abounds that the company will unveil one, or perhaps two, iPhones at the event.

Computer World reports that little is known about what the new iPhone might be like.

"Frankly, I'm running low on new things they can do to the iPhone," Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, told CW. "Maybe a slightly wider screen, and the usual thinner, lighter, faster that they always talk about."

"They clearly want to make the specs better, but there's not a lot of room for technological breakthroughs," Gottheil said.

Apple's 2010 acquisition of Siri, a company which created a personal assistant app for the iPhone, has fueled speculation that the new phone will include improved voice recognition and a voice-controlled "Assistant."

As the blog All Things D reported last week, the Oct. 4 event is also significant because it will be new CEO Tim Cook’s first big product introduction. Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, resigned in late August.

...  the pressure will be on Cook to turn in a good performance at the event, especially after what has so far been a very smooth leadership transition at Apple.

What will be interesting to see, of course, is if Jobs himself will also make an appearance, which is something that is likely to be determined by his health, in a decision that will be made very close to the event.

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