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Perry gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

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Perry gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

Highlights of Texas governor's life re-enacted

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While Gov. Rick Perry may be well known in Texas, far-flung media outlets must find ways to introduce him to their audience now that he is playing on the national stage. Most follow the same script — but not the latest effort out of Taiwan.

Thanks to the folks over at Next Media Animation, Taiwan's premier purveyors of CGI-animated humorous political re-enactments, many great moments in the life of Perry and his home state of Texas can be relived on YouTube.

For example, there's the moment a snake jumped out of Karl Rove's mouth and convinced Perry to become a Republican, the time he recklessly wielded a human-sized needle full of Gardasil, his famous boxing match with U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and that awkward strip-tease performed for him by Abraham Lincoln.

Just to be clear: None of these literally happened. The group that put the animation together has become known for reconstructing news stories with absurd, hyperbolic symbolism. Among their more famous recreations are  Tiger Woods' marital spats and Al Gore's alleged indiscretions.

Whether you think Next Media Animation's video is juvenile, hilarious, or just plain stupid, that they've decided to take on Rick Perry's life for their latest report is a sign of just how impactful his campaign — which has shot up to front-runner status in short order — has become.

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