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Facebook under fire for baby tag

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Facebook under fire for baby tag

Social network site criticized over new addition — announcing a baby on its way

Facebook has added a new tag to its social networking site — announcing a new pregnancy.

It recently added "Expected: Child" to its list of friends and family tags but has received some criticism over the move, the Los Angeles Times reports.

There is also space to tell everyone the due date and name ideas for the child.

While the idea does not seem all that novel, some on Twitter have taken offense.

"This is just weird", tweets one person.

"This freaks me out" says another.

"Oh lawls, whatz next list your ovulation calendar?!"

"Just me or is this creepy?"

Some believe that posting Expected: Child on Facebook cheapens the experience of becoming a parent, TechNewsDaily says.

Time magazine reports:

Larry Rosen, a professor who researches the psychology of technology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, thinks expectant users will flock to the new category because it will help them feel supported and connected during pregnancy. “I think it's cute because it's spawning the idea of when is it appropriate to do this, and are there certain people I should tell first before I post this?” says Rosen.

But spilling the beans on Facebook is not always the best way to go about divulging a pregnancy, Rosen concedes. He points to one of his former students with whom he'd grown close, who called him to say she'd given birth before posting on Facebook. “She wanted it to be special,” he says. “She was saying there's the Facebook way and there's the more personal communication way. People are trying to figure this out.”

This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.

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