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Casey Anthony walks free from Fla. jail

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Casey Anthony walks free from Fla. jail

Woman accused of killing 2-year-old daughter released from jail

  • Casey Anthony leaves jail Sunday morning.
    weshtv screengrabCasey Anthony leaves jail Sunday morning.

Casey Anthony, acquitted of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, walked free from a Florida jail early Sunday morning.

Sheriffs' deputies had contingency plans laid out, CNN reports, but went with a public release amid a heavy police presence just after midnight.

Casey Anthony left Orange County Jail, after three years and one day in custody — and 12 days after her acquittal — accompanied by her lawyer and two Special Response Team officers.

The fact that Anthony was given credit for time served on a four-year sentence for lying to police, allowing for her release this weekend, seems to have further stoked outrage about her acquittal on the murder charge, CNN reports.

The "I hate Casey Anthony" Facebook page has more than 45,000 fans; the "F--- Casey Anthony" page has more than 775,000. Anthony's civil attorney, Charles Greene, says he's received death threats directed at his client.

As Anthony left, some demonstrators screamed, "Killer!" CNN reports.

Anthony had not received threats against her at the jail, but "this release had an unusual amount of security. So therefore, in that sense, it would not be a normal release," said Allen Moore, spokesman for the Orange County Corrections Department.

According to the International Business Times, Anthony's release was "planned with the same precision that marked her high-profile murder trial followed by audiences around the world."

All reporting was to be delayed until the jail gave the green light, relinquishing the jail's responsibility for her safety.

However, Moore reportedly said: "We have made every effort to not provide any special treatment for her. She has been treated like every other inmate in her custody class."

Protesters joined media gathered outside the jail before her release, with police officers mounted on horses joining other police, and barricades set up at the jail's Booking and Release Center.

News helicopters then tracked the SUV carrying Anthony to downtown Orlando and the parking garage of the office of her legal team, from Cheney Mason.

According to Time magazine, Anthony not only faces threats of physical violence after her release, but also "financial challenges, multiple lawsuits and the ongoing challenge of having one of the most recognized and despised faces in the U.S."

This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.

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