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Shake Weight report is best local TV news bit ever

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Shake Weight report is best local TV news bit ever

  • KTLA

A series of three reports from KTLA is quite possibly the best bit of reporting by a local television news station, ever. It's just too bad that Pulitzer Prizes aren't awarded for broadcast reports.

Los Angeles reporter Allie MacKay gave a series of morning show live reports on a "Shake Weight" workout from a gym last Friday, during sweeps week.

Key lines:

"Maybe there's a reason we're single, if we're not using proper technique."

"The black shake weight is larger and bigger than the white one."

"Is it better to go slow or better to go fast?"

"I've got a small white one, does that make a difference?"

"You don't want to hit yourself in the face with it."

"I think I prefer the big black one."


"I will not be on YouTube."

Don't bet on it.

Update: KTLA blocked the videos from YouTube, but still make the clips available to be embedded on their site. Somebody doesn't exactly have a handle on this new media thing. Why yank the plug on a video that's gone viral? That's called free marketing. But enough commentary; see for yourself....

5 a.m. newscast

6 a.m. newscast

7 a.m. newscast


h/t to Steve Elliott for bringing this to our attention.

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