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14 decapitated, 9 hanged bodies found in Nuevo Laredo

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14 decapitated, 9 hanged bodies found in Nuevo Laredo

23 bodies found in Mexican border city

The bodies of 9 people were found Friday morning hanging from a Nuevo Laredo bridge. The mutilated bodies of 14 others were found later in the day in the city of 400,000 on the Texas-Mexico border, reports said.

From the BBC:

Nine bodies with signs of torture were found hanging from a bridge.

Hours later, 14 decapitated bodies were discovered in a vehicle, police said. Their heads were found in ice boxes dumped outside the mayor's office.


A message left with the hanged bodies said they were members of the Gulf drugs cartel who had been killed by the rival Zetas gang.

The hanged bodies showed signs of "beating and torture," AFP reported:

Nuevo Laredo, the main road trade crossing from Mexico into the United States, is regularly the scene of vicious disputes between the Zetas drug gang -- set up by ex-elite soldiers-turned-hitmen in the 1990s -- and their former employers the Gulf cartel, now believed to be allied to the Sinaloa cartel of billionaire fugitive Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Last month the dismembered remains of 14 men were found inside a van left near Nuevo Laredo city hall. Days afterwards a car exploded outside police headquarters.

The Spanish-language Blog del Narco posted graphic photos of the hanged bodies: five men and four women.

"The bodies had their hands tied behind their backs and seven of them had blindfolds on," CNN reported.

Reporters found dead on Press Freedom Day

Thursday, a gruesome discovery on World Press Freedom Day brought to three the number of journalists who have been killed in Mexico's violence-wracked eastern state oft Veracruz in less than a week.

The dismembered bodies of two photojournalists were found less than a week after a magazine reporter was found dead in her home in the same state, Agence France-Presse reported.

The photojournalists, identified as Gabriel Huge and Guillermo Luna, were found dumped near a canal in Boca del Rio, a town near the port city of Veracruz.

Two other bodies were found in the same place. They have been identified as Esteban Rodriguez, who worked for a local newspaper until last year, and Irasema Becerra, Luna’s girlfriend.

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