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Mexico arrests gunmen plotting to kill lawmakers

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Mexico arrests gunmen plotting to kill lawmakers

Mexican authorities have arrested a group of armed men suspected of plotting to assassinate two leftist lawmakers.

Assistant Attorney General Mariana Benitez said the gang was arrested Thursday at a hotel in downturn Mexico City.

The men have confessed to planning to kill federal legislators David and Ricardo Monreal, who are also brothers.

"Early today the raid was successfully carried out without violence, and apart from the individuals arrested ... guns and communication equipment with which they planned to carry out the assassinations were seized," Benitez said.

The brothers are from the central state of Zacatecas, a key drug trafficking route.

Senator David Monreal belongs to the Labor Party, which the BBC said was part of a leftist coalition backing Andres Lopez Obrador, the former leader of the Democratic Revolution Party and runner-up in last year’s presidential election.

Congressman Ricardo Monreal belongs to the Citizen Movement party and was a campaign manager for Lopez Obrador.

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