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McCain skewered by Daily Show

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John McCain

McCain skewered by Daily Show

Jon Stewart doesn't exactly butter up Az's senior senator

The vagaries of campaigning and political necessity lead many politicians to change their positions.

Even candidates who cultivate an image of rectitude, like Arizona's Sen. John McCain, can find themselves bending on a point or two.

With a tagline of "short term memory gloss," the Daily Show's Jon Stewart raked Sen. John McCain over the coals for changing his position on several issues. Stewart accused McCain of "shorting his own soul" on Tuesday's show.

Stewart pointed out that "John McCain struck people as a principled politician who took stands that were sometimes antithetical to his political party." The comedic commentator then listed issues McCain seems to have shifted on with the prevailing political winds:

  • Don't ask, don't tell (McCain was against it before he was for it.)
  • Progressive income tax (or "class warfare").
  • Distancing himself from right-wing evangelists like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson
  • Cap and trade system for reducing greenhouse gases
  • Flying of the Confederate flag
  • Immigration reform

Watch for yourself:

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