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Biden says F-word at national press conference

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Biden says F-word at national press conference

Microphone catches Vice President's Anglo-Saxon expletive

  • A hot mic and a sweet something cause Joe Biden trouble
    A hot mic and a sweet something cause Joe Biden trouble

While introducing President Obama this morning at a health care press conference, Joe Biden forgot the mic was on and uttered the F-word.

In an aside to Obama as he relinquished the lectern to the president, he said, "This is a big fucking deal."

This is not the first time that Biden's mouth caused some trouble for the Obama team, certainly; a collection of Biden's gaffes begins on the campaign trail with Biden's touting of Obama's political rival, Hillary Clinton.

Other gems include various ethnic slurs, off-color remarks and generally inappropriate demeanor.

This one may end up working in the administration's favor, as it served to liven up the mood in such a divisive political climate. MSNBC reported that t-shirts with Biden's gaffe were already available online.


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