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Gay marriage in Mexico City gets closer to reality

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Same-sex marriage

Gay marriage in Mexico City gets closer to reality

Law takes effect March 4; Supreme Court ruling could take a year

  • Mexico City's gay marriage is set to go into effect March 4. City's gay marriage is set to go into effect March 4.

Voices on both sides of the gay-marriage issue are getting louder as March 4 gets closer, the day gays can legally marry in Mexico City.

The New York Times reported Sunday that backers of the law realize Mexico is pretty conservative outside the capital, but that civil rights cannot be determined by a poll.

“Politically, the federal government is declaring that the Constitution only protects heterosexual families,” said David Razú, the city legislator who proposed the new law. “It’s a government that discriminates against its own citizens.”

Federal prosecutors took the case to the Supreme Court, asking it to void the law saying it "strays from the responsibility of the government to place a priority on safeguarding the interests of children," according to the Washington Post. That decision could take a year.

Opponents of the law applauded the decision to appeal, reported the Catholic News Agency.

Pro-life leaders say the law, approved by the Mexico City Legislative Assembly, represents “a serious threat to the country,” is unconstitutional, and ignores the beliefs of 75 percent of Mexico City residents who oppose such a measure.

The idea of gay marriage, albeit rare, seems to be moving toward acceptance in Latin America. In December, two men were married in Argentina, reported USA Today. Uruguay allows civil unions and is moving toward allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia all recognize some form of civil unions. Across the Atlantic, Portugal's parliament approved same-sex marriage in January. It still has to be ratified by President Anibal Cavaco Silva, reported BBC News.

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