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Mubarak's son flees to Britain with mother, sister

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Mubarak's son flees to Britain with mother, sister

Twitter was buzzing Sunday with news of sightings of Gamal Mubarak, once seen as a possible successor to Hosni Mubarak, in London.

And Press TV reported that the wife and daughter of the Egyptian president, along with Gamal, had flown to London with over 100 suitcases as the protests continued unabated across Egypt.

The news came as leading Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei joined thousands of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square defying a curfew to demand Mubarak's resignation.

It was quoting an Arab website, reporting that Gamal and his mother Suzanne, and sister, had left Cairo on a private jet. The site reported that Egypt's defense minister had earlier flown to the United States.

A flurry of messages on the public networking website, Twitter, relayed press reports that the private jet carrying Gamal Mubarak had landed at Heathrow Airport in London, some giving detailed information on his whereabouts:

"Seems al jazeera went to 28 Wilton Place, Westminster to attempt to interview Gamal Mubarak!"

"Just reported for Gamal Mubarak's 28 Wilton Place, Westminster address."

"Rumours that Gamal Mubarak may have fled to London where he owns a house in Knightsbridge."

"Gamal Mubarak & his wife spotted in posh side of london."

"Mubarak's son, Gamal, has a UK passport - is apparently now in London near his Knightsbridge home. Gamal, could you pls go to Saudi Arabia?"

"Al Jazeera English now doing an awesome Where's Waldo? -- Gamal Mubarak edition from London."

"AJE is even doing better reporting on Gamal Mubarak being in London (unconfirmed sightings) than western agencies."

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