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Bodies found in well thought to be missing Mexican band members

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Bodies found in well thought to be missing Mexican band members

Police in Mexico have discovered the bodies of at least 8 people inside a well in the same area that band members of Kombo Kolombia disappeared on Friday. 

UPI reports that the 12 musicians and 8 crew members were feared to have been kidnapped after they performed at a private party late Thursday night near the northern city of Monterrey. 

Residents of the Hidalgo municipality near the private party reported hearing gunshots and the sounds of cars speeding away about 4am on Friday reports the Independent.

Officials told the newspaper that investigators found bullet casings nearby. 

The BBC reports that one of the band members escaped from the alleged kidnappers and alerted police.  The band member led officers to the nearby well where they discovered at least eight bodies, which were wearing the band's distinctive T-shirts. 

Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene told the BBC that the surviving band member had been beaten but was in a stable condition.

Police put the time of death at about 36 hours before the bodies were discovered, reports UPI. That would put the death just after the band finished playing the gig. 

Kombo Kolombia were not known to have dealings with Mexican drug gangs. The band played Colombian pop music, not the "narcocorridos", songs celebrating the lives of drug dealers, that are commonly associated with the gangs.

This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.

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