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Scaling the border fence

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Scaling the border fence

Just how much of a deterrent is the "danged fence" anyway? Here's a video that shows two girls climbing to the top in just a few seconds.

The clip was shot by Roy Germano, a documentary filmmaker who produced "The Other Side of Immigration (trailer below)."

Germano posted the clip on YouTube, saying:

Since the mid-1990s, the US has built fencing at various points along the southern border in an attempt to deter would-be immigrants from Mexico. Building the fence isn't cheap. On average, each mile of border fence costs US taxpayers about $4 million to build and will cost another $6.5 billion over the next 20 years to repair and maintain. 

Are we getting our money's worth? Is the border fence an effective deterrent? To find out, I asked two young women—both only about 5'5"—to see if they could climb the wall. Check it out...

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