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Minimum wage going up in Az, 12 other states on Jan. 1

The minimum wage is going up in 13 states on Jan. 1, including a 10-cent hike in Arizona, where the new rate will be $7.90 per hour.
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Dec 31, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Minimum wage was never meant to be a standard to “raise a family” with.  Every time the minimum wage increases, those making a few dollars above don’t get an increase. Why does a burger flipper believe they should get $15 an hour when I never earned that much an hour working in professional settings my entire career in Tucson. (and I have a college degree)  Every time the minimum wage goes up, so does the price of all restaurant food.

If you want to earn a larger wage than $7+ an hour, get the proper education and skills that command a better wage.

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