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Google donates $11.5M to fight slavery, human trafficking

Internet giant gives to 10 organizations

Google announced Wednesday that it will be giving $11.5 million in grants to 10 organizations that fight modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

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Dec 15, 2011, 9:25 am
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United Sttaes

Huh? Really?

Dec 15, 2011, 9:29 am
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There will be $3.5 million to go into forced labor intervention in India; $4.5 million to launch an advocacy campaign in India to educate and protect the “vulnerable;”

Whoa whoa whoa…I thought India was one of the good guys, and that’s why it is OK for all of our companies to move their call centers there. If the Indian government allows slavery to exist in any form, then we should embargo them, not give them jobs that rightfully belong here!

In any case, props to Google for this philanthropic donation. However, I must say that I’m surprised by the timing. There is SOPA and PROTECT IP trying to make it through the House and Senate, respectively. If either of these pass, it is going to cause a world of hurt for us all, but Google will be hit especially hard. The forces of evil have already donated $94 million of campaign contributions, bribes, whatever you want to call it, to try to help push through these two destructive bills. I’m surprised Google didn’t spend their money to try to counteract said bribes.

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