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Disease killing thousands of sugar cane workers

Wealthy countries stall on solution to illness

Chronic kidney disease stands at the heart of a lethal mystery — and legacy of neglect by industry and governments, including the United States, which have resisted pleas for aggressive action to spotlight the malady and find a remedy.
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Dec 12, 2011, 6:15 pm
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There is no mention of THE DIET of these labour workers at all and this alone is alarming.
Kidney diseases and diabetes are directly linked to high sucrose and processed packaged foods.
Do these workers have access to whole, natural, organic fruits, vegetables, and grains?
Also, what about GM corn etc.?
Obviously pesticides is playing a factor as well.
Where is the research on what these workers are putting into their bodies. I would start here.

Dec 12, 2011, 7:17 pm
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While toxins should definitely be investigated as a potential contribution to this epidemic, I have also read elsewhere of a previously unknown virus and/or retrovirus being found at high levels in these workers. The sanitation customs in this area would contribute to the spread, if this were the case. The streets are used as latrines, men urinate everywhere and it all runs into the rivers and lakes from whence comes drinking, cooking and washing water. To the previous poster, rice and beans are the staples here and these workers have plenty of access to fresh fruits and vegetables, although they may habitually prefer sweet drinks and a cheap “rotgut” liquor. Harsh working conditions have been provided by the rich oligarchal families of the area for generations so that would seem to be evidence that it is not just that causing this phenomenon.

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