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Teenager's suicide spurs DREAM activists

Death of Texas college student strengthens fight for law

After last week’s suicide of Joaquin Luna, an illegal immigrant student from Mission, Texas, activists want to draw attention to undocumented students in Texas who are unable to gain employment, even if they excel in their studies.
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Dec 4, 2011, 8:34 am
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illegal immigration, amnesty, dream act boo hoo propaganda. Please use the word illegal before using the word immigrant. This person should have taken advantage of the free medical (psychiatric) services available to everyone who has landed in the U>S>A. Paid for by the taxpayers. Gla you point out the GOP hostile rhetoric toward (ILLEGAL) immigration. Why wouldnt it be. Mr. Aguilar is usually fact based and objective in his reporting, but his true colors are shown with this article. So tired of whining. Picked asparagus,anglo dominated society,Go back to where you came from, come to this country legally not illegally. Pay attention to our laws and you have no problem. If Mexico wasnt a corrupt violent sesspool of nastiness you wouldnt have to sneak across our border and become a burden to our counrty.

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