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GOP immigration hardliner told constituent to take family to Mexico

t every congressional Republican is joining the GOP rush to mend fences with Latino voters by embracing the pursuit of comprehensive immigration reform. Rep. Steve King of Iowa made it plain after the election that he doesn't approve of the chatter from his party's "establishment" on the issue.
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Nov 14, 2012, 2:20 pm
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I’m not seeing any problem whatsoever with what Congressman King did or said. Everything he did or said that was cited in this piece, despite the author’s best efforts, was not only reasonable but was legal. The Gonzalez couple has no legitimate basis for complaint.

Nov 14, 2012, 10:09 pm
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We can afford to not be nasty.  He was not convicted of a felony.  He self deported the second time and was not charged.  Entering the US illegally is a misdemeanor.  Being in the US without authorization may not be a crime.  At least three judges have ruled that it is not.  The law focuses on entry without proper documents. In this guy’s case, if he had been “caught” and charged, it likely would have been for a felony because he had been deported once before.  But that is moot, because he was not charged.  His punishment of a ten year ban is a bureaucratic administrative action, not a judicial action, and this action was taken on the guy’s word that he had self deported.  I think this is bull pucky.  It is in exactly the same enforcement mode as traffic and stoplight cameras.  The enforcement is extrajudicial.  How can that be tolerated in a free society?
King was certainly not “reasonable.”

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