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Bachmann vows to finish Mexico border fence

GOP presidential contender pledges to complete barrier by 2013

In Michele Bachmann’s latest attempt to stay alive in the Republican presidential race, she has signed a pledge promising to finish the fence along the Mexican border by 2013, the Los Angeles Times reports.
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Oct 16, 2011, 11:27 pm
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Hmmmmm- if Bachmann, a duly elected representative of a Border State, is so concerned about the U.S. securing it’s borders, why hasn’t she strung that fence across the top of her state? It’s wide open up there, for illegals to cross right smack into Minnesota, fer gawsh sakes. But then again, illegal aliens who look like Canadians are not to be feared and loathed in quite the same way as our neighbors to the South…dontcha know.

Rampant racism alive and well in the Repugnant-can T-P.

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