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Report: F-35 had ineffective oversight

Auditor offers insight into why the most costly weapon system in U.S. history has so many problems

The Pentagon failed to supervise the design and construction of its new fleet of F-35 stealth warplanes adequately, its own auditor concluded on Sept. 30, placing the blame squarely on military brass for performance and safety problems in the largest and most expensive weapons program in history.
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Oct 2, 2013, 8:59 pm
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This is not surprising.  Oversight and contract management is riddled with bureaucracy to the degree that you could write a positive acceptance on a shipment of concrete life jackets.
Based on the critique, it’s only going to get worse.  We have contract specialists with no technical background or experience making judgement calls on quality of products.  The tools provided for assessing quality by surveying the technical staff use measures that have no bearing on the whether or not the delivered product is useful as long as it meets contract requirements, it will be accepted.  Contract requirements cannot be specifications and “shiny” is often the “requirement.”
Common sense blew out the window a long time ago.

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