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Few satisfied by Obama's immigration policies

Many Latinos disillusioned with president's programs

A task force created to help overhaul a controversial deportation program instead witnessed five of its 19 members resign last week, another sign the Obama administration’s immigration policy remains politically problematic.

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Sep 23, 2011, 1:16 pm
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This story is indicative of a HUGE problem that exists concerning this issue…and the problem exists because of the deliberate intent of some bad people.

First, a fact: issues of immigration and issues of skin color have absolutely zero to do with each other. None, nada, zip, nothing, zero, zero zero.

But, the open borders crowd doesn’t want you to realize that fact. They’ll tell anyone who will listen to them that these two issues are somehow related. It’s an easy way to garner sympathy for their cause…who cares if it’s based on a lie, right? Even the president is drinking their kool-aid on this one.

And, why is any “immigration activist” chiming in on issues of enforcement? An immigrant is someone who respected our country, our sovereignty, and our laws enough to follow the rules and come in legally. Those who sneaked in or were smuggled in are criminals. The textbook definition of “criminal” is “one that commits crimes”, right? Well, it’s a crime to enter this country illegally…hence the term “illegal”.

Few will read this comment, and the few who do will dismiss it for one of two reasons…either they already knew what I am saying is fact, or they don’t want to hear it because it interferes with their agenda. Unfortunate, too. These facts are so simple and so painfully obvious that it is legitimately beyond my comprehension how there is anyone out there too stupid to understand the above-outlined concepts.

— 30 —


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