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The bailout: By the actual numbers

While Democrats paint a glowing picture of the bailout, this Bailout Tracker database tells the whole story. A look at the biggest losses and gains stemming from the TARP and Fannie, Freddie bailout.
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Sep 6, 2012, 11:40 am
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This is a good story. Thank you for publishing it.

One of my hottest-button issues is TARP. It should have NEVER happened! It was not only socialism, but it was socialism in its worst form. Not only did it forgive idiotic behavior, but it allowed many of the idiots that caused the crash to remain in their positions, possibly allowing the insanity to repeat itself.

I’m a capitalist. Hence, I believe that if you get stupid with your business then you should be out of business. Make room for someone smarter and more responsible than you apparently were, and perhaps then you can find a job more suited to your talents..whatever that may be. The whole TARP idiocy prevented much of that from happening. It protected many from consequences that they brought on themselves and should have suffered.

We really should have allowed capitalism to run its course after the ‘08 crash. Sure, there may have been tough times (we’re having them anyway), but in the long run we would have been much better off for it.

I’ll never forget the bailouts. In the ‘10 elections, many politicians who supported TARP, especially Congressmen, were held accountable by their respective electorates. AZ CD8 wasn’t as responsible, unfortunately. But, I remember, and I will never vote for anyone at any layer of government who supported TARP in any way.

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