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Factcheck: A Texas-size recovery

A look at the facts behind job growth in the Lone Star State

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's claim that "40 percent … of all the jobs in America were created in Texas" since June 2009 is accurate. But it’s also true that the increase in jobs hasn't kept pace with the rise in the state's population — so the number of jobless Texans also has risen.
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Sep 4, 2011, 1:47 pm
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Like the Gipper, Rick Perry is a former Democrat and is prone to making gaffes. Also, both governators exude optimism, an essential quality for leadership, where image trumps substance. Both of them were/are tall and handsome with good hair. Compare their images to Abraham Lincoln, who would not get elected in today’s sound-bite political culture. Perhaps President Obamas best counter-thrust to parry his Texas challenger will be to remind older voters that Ronald Reagan raised taxes six of the eight years he occupied the Oval Office.

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