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Texas border: Nat'l Guard troops struggling financially

Democrats say media reports that some National Guard troops on the border haven't been paid and can't afford basic necessities are infuriating. Republican Gov. Rick Perry's office says the National Guard is fully equipped to help them.
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Sep 1, 2014, 5:53 pm
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Funny thing is that when you are activated/deployed, you leave your regular job, the one that pays you so you might be able to support your family, and get put into a system that takes about 30 days to catch up for pay. And it may pay you significantly less, even with housing and per diem.  And you don’t get the housing and per diem up front.  Lodging goes on a travel card and per diem is paid about 7-10 days after submittal of your travel voucher upon your return.  The travel card company expects to be paid every 30 days or so, whether or not you have been reimbursed.  Now all this is for the service member.  The family members are pretty much SOL.  And with one less adult around for child care those costs are gonna go up.  Yep, activate the guard…way to go Perry….brilliant, just brilliant.

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