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Border is safe, federal officials say

The federal government’s top border official, CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin, fought back this week against heightened criticism of President Obama’s border security policy, saying the present-day border is more secure than ever.
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Aug 18, 2011, 6:02 pm
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If you think that the border is safe, simply check the border patrols weekly reports.  Every week there are apprehensions of of convicted illegal criminals (many reentering), gang members from Mexico and beyond, and numerous drug interventions.  Have we become so desensitized that we think this is acceptable just because there is a lull in illegal activity? The border isn’t safe . This is an absurd statement. Think you would feel safe enough to take your family camping in a drug trafficking corridor in the desert or mountains?? Crazy thinking, head in the sand, complete denial, blinders on.  Just read the border patrol reports. <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

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