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Swagger in check (a bit), Perry responds to Obama

Texas governor issues challenge to president

A day after the White House and even some fellow Republicans admonished Gov. Rick Perry for warning of potentially “treasonous” acts by the U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, the governor responded — more politely this time.

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Aug 17, 2011, 12:05 pm
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Perry said his record on jobs in Texas was all the response he needed to give.

Austin is the MINIMUM WAGE Capitol of the United States.

Jobs/Labor data compiled by the Department of Labor to determine which industries have gained jobs in Texas since June 2009 demonstrates the following:

A bow to Perry’s carbon-based economy:

A whopping 13% (+,-)39,500 jobs were in oil and gas extraction, or in mining support ventures, a category that includes oil-field service companies.

Now he owes all Texas labor a bow for the following:

Approximately 13%: 39,000 out of the 302,000 new jobs were in government. Local government accounted for 82% percent of those new government jobs. In the past 2 yrs, TX’s public sector has expanded by over 2% which is approximately the same growth as the private sector.

26% accounts for 78,000 jobs added in home health-care services (probably accounting for that famous minimum wage or thereabouts)and “ambulatory health-care services,” (more low waged positions).

64,000, or 21%, were in “administrative and support services”. ( Here in TX, these are low wage positions as well.)
Another 14% - approximately 43,000 jobs were in “employment services.” ( No doubrt in such positions as provided by the Texas Workforce Commission, a division of the governmental Texas (un)Employment Commission.

• Finally, 24,000, or 7.9% were in “food services and drinking places”—restaurants and bars, essentially.
(More minimum wage jobs…)
Together, those categories account for nearly 95 percent of the new jobs created in Texas.

Nationally, the manufacturing sector of employment has seen renewed growth in recent years, But here in Texas it has lost 1,800 jobs over the same period.

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