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Possible da Vinci painting found in Scottish farmhouse

A painting found in a Scottish farmhouse may be a lost work of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci worth more than $150 million.
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Aug 7, 2012, 10:04 pm
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In the painting I can see the bigger lamb on the top right side.  777 above Mary Magdalene’s head, two faces in the tree on the left, one looks bald left side the other looks like Jesus on the right. Could it be St. Jerome (Guardian of the Redeemer)(give me your sins is what Jesus said to him.) ? Considering it is Mary Magdalene in the picture this makes sense. Da Vinci painted St. Jerome previously It also looks like a bird on her shoulder area and her sleeve as well as child on far left number 6’s appear.  Very interesting. You can see it better on

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