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Border crisis: Cities and states revisit anti-gang policies

Critics say the way cities and states dealt with gangs 20 or more years ago greatly contributed to the recent surge in Central American kids crossing the U.S.-Mexico border alone.
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Aug 8, 2014, 4:35 pm
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close the border, stop the influx thats the job of the Feds protect our country from illegal entry of people from other countries. It can be done, it is not being done. CLOSE OUR BORDER NOW….... Slam it shut. Screw the money it takes to try to deal with the influx and problems of illegals.  Put that money to work to CLOSE THE BORDER.  Let the cesspool countries to the south have their own destiny.. We cannot continue this crazy system… All you younger people will pay the price in the future…. you will wake up some day and see the light.

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