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Obama warns of need to compromise on debt

U.S. faces 'serious damage' to economy without deal, president says

President Barack Obama warned Americans on Monday in an address to the nation that failure to come to an agreement in Congress about raising the debt ceiling would do "serious damage" to the economy, and he called for compromise from the two parties.
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Jul 25, 2011, 7:10 pm
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The Repugnant-cans and Tea Partiers are determined to bring down President Obama, and it is apparent that they care not a whit that in so doing they bring down the Government of the United States - and the economy of the USA. SHAME ON THEM!
The tidal wave of support for President Obama’s request for concerned citizens to contact their Representatives to demand action to approve budget balance has caused the communication systems to crash. I hope those not able to get through to their Representatives will continue to do so, in great force.

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