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Obama's speech on immigration reform

Text and video of President Obama's speech on comprehensive immigration reform.

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Jul 2, 2010, 10:50 am
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What a GREAT speech. The President is repeating what he said during the presidential campaign. Unfortunately, the naysayers are deaf to whatever this president proposes. Even those who voted for immigration reform when Pres. Bush proposed it are now withdrawing their support. Not because these proposals are ill-defined or radical, but because they are proposed by Obama. How UN-AMERICAN!!

The president has boldly laid out the problem and proposed a reasonable solution. Many of those who are crying foul and hypocrisy, etc., have enjoyed the benefits from these illegals for years and now they may have to pay a livable wage to these workers if reform passes. Exploiters, racists and un-American pseudo-patriots are no doubt no more than two generations removed from their own native land.

Let’s come together as Americans. Discus the issues surrounding these proposals and ACT! Time is of the essence.

— 30 —


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