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Cannibalism in North Korea?

What if it wasn't just a rumor? A leaked document raises concern

Just when you thought North Korea couldn't get any more disturbing. A leaked official police document reportedly details at least one case of cannibalism. If true, the report would validate what has been rumored in the North for quite some time: that people are so hungry they are eating other people.
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Jun 22, 2011, 4:42 pm
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Some years ago a soup restaurant in comparatively wealthy Guangzhou (China) was caught serving human flesh. A medical student found a knuckle in his soup and recognized it as human. He went to the police, who didn’t believe him at first. They went, finally, and found that the restaurant had been buying cadavers ...

... which presumably were cheaper than beef!

Jul 1, 2011, 10:04 am
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@ Emily Lodish - why don’t you tell your readers that you support animal abuse??

Let your readers know about your brilliant story extolling the virtures of torturing animals to death and then let them decide if your worth following.


and then read the REAL TRUTH about this issue:
Every year, two million South Korean dogs are electrocuted, strangled, or bludgeoned to death and are then skinned, chopped up, and boiled to be eaten. The cruelty and suffering endured by these dogs is unimaginable.

Most are homeless dogs, captured by butchers and sold in open markets.

The country’s Animal Protection Law, which was passed in 1991 considers dogs to be “domestic pets.” However, authorities are giving the dog meat trade their silent blessing by turning a blind eye to this outrageous bloodbath throughout South Korea.

YOUTUBE videos show the horrors of this treatment:,+cat+market&aq=f

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