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White town doesn't embrace South Africa's World Cup

Residents of Orania not interested in soccer, which is viewed as a black man's sport

Vuzuzelas are unlikely to break the silence in this small town. The yellow jerseys of the national team, worn by every other South African, are nowhere to be seen, and the steady schedule of World Cup matches that brings the country to a standstill has no impact here.
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Jun 22, 2010, 1:05 am
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Re: Orania. Yes people differ and Yes they should have the freedom to choose, I live in SA have grown up with blacks and live in a mixed neighborhood, but would like to live with my own people and speak our language, loving your own people does not mean hating other people. Forced integration is just as Forced as Forced segregation, and rape is rape. People should have the freedom to choose either way, and is that not true freedom? For what will freedom be without choices? ! I always say Racism is not something people do, Racism is something that Governments do!!!! But I like the writer’s comment of “a few white farmers have been murdered” he omitted that it’s a few thousand, wonder how he would feel if his family was part of the “few”. You get black communities in America in Europe and Muslim communities, gay communities, Hippy communities and in all off Africa there is one not a 1000 just one white town and all the liberals immediately pee there panties, nooooo an abomination to mankind a sin unto God get the atomic bomb whites are living in piece segregated and happy, build gas chambers and kill the heretic babies. The only thing mankind has learned from history is that he will learn nothing from history.

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