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Study: Immigrants contribute more to Medicare than they take out

As Congress mulls changing America’s border and naturalization rules, a study finds that immigrant workers are helping buttress Medicare’s finances, because they contribute tens of billions a year more than immigrant retirees use in medical services.
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Jun 1, 2013, 3:32 pm
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Illegal Illegal illegal illegal…...does no one care that we are a nation of laws. Call it noncitizen stupido to dismiss the illegal law breaking act that your noncitizen takes part in… I call bullshit to these statistics. So do you not anticipate that the 11 12 15 20 million illegal law breaking border jumpers will not drain the system as they get older… Close the border now…... its bogus research statistics like these that attempt to justify the illegal and detrimental mass illegal border crossers. We have enough illegal “noncitizens” to do the crappy jobs already.Close the border now…...More drones, stop all illegal activities on the border.

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