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Ron Paul's factual flubs

Republican claims armed IRS agents would enforce mandatory health insurance

Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, who is no stranger to presidential campaigns, has made plenty of false claims. The Texas Republican declared his 2012 candidacy May 13.
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May 21, 2011, 1:59 pm
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Regarding the “$1 trillion claim”, it appears to depend on who you ask, but this article has multiple sources that have the number in the vicinity of or even exceeding the $1 trillion claim.

Note that the information is from 2008.

Regarding the single currency and superhighway, it’s entirely possible that it is a myth, but we can be sure that as more information is revealed, we will get a better picture. Take this 2005 cable which was released by Wikileaks this year.

Not exactly a slam dunk, but it does provide some insight.

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