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Gun rights activists' latest strategy: Armed demonstrations

When advocates for tighter restrictions on guns rallied last week in Austin City Hall, a small group of opponents staged a counter-rally outside, carrying firearms and waving a flag emblazoned with an assault rifle and the caption “Come and Take It.”

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Apr 28, 2014, 4:06 pm
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What the cop said :

“We’re totally okay with people carrying their weapons lawfully under the Second Amendment, but the right to bear arms is not an unfettered right. There’s a certain point where law enforcement has a right to step in and say,You’ve crossed the line.’”


“We’re sort of OK with people who carry guns and pretend to have rights as long as we cannot visibly see them, but we know they are not rights and are government granted permits. When people start thinking they have rights, there’s a certain point when a cop just needs to don his Judge Dredd helmet, harass citizens and make our own laws up as we go along.”

Apr 28, 2014, 6:13 pm
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Kevin Lawrence of TMPA needs to mind his own damn business.  That business being “protect the rights and interests of Texas law enforcement officers.”  It damn sure is NOT to tell us what we can and cannot carry.  The legislature does that, thank you very much. This is what happens when public officials begin to push a political agenda.  He has absolutely no right to limit our right to carry beyond what is legal in the state of Texas.  PERIOD.

The LAW will decide when someone steps “over the line” and not this spokesman.  As far as MommiesDemandingAttention goes….........who cares.  They have been exposed as frauds and attention whores.  Their leader has lied to them yet they have nothing better to do with their time.  State leaders have lied to their members as well.  The entire heirchy are nothing but PAID mouthpieces for Mike Bloomberg, Professional NannyState Advocate.  They spew false data, lies, distortions and use the deaths of innocents to further line their pockets. Their fearful leader is a multi-millionaire yet they continuously seek “donations” from the very people they lie to in order to further their charade of being a “grass-roots movement.”  Pathetic and weak.

— 30 —


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