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Neb. votes to restore prenatal care for illegal immigrants

Governor says he will veto Medicaid bill

Nebraska lawmakers voted to restore prenatal Medicaid for illegal immigrants, but Gov. Dave Heineman promised to veto the bill.
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Apr 12, 2012, 12:53 pm
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WOW….it’s crazy that this nonsense passed & that there IS a debate whether Taxpayer dollars should be used to support/pay for someone that Has Broken Our Laws & shouldn’t even BE in this country…...Sheesh, If Lib’s are so Bent on Providing for these Lawbreakers that is 1 thing, let THEM do it, But WHY do they think they have the Right to “Legislate’/FORCE the rest of Us….???!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps.—-Nebraska voters should send a Very Strong message to each ‘legislator’ that Voted FOR this & Vote Them OUT come election day….!!!

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