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Call-in shifts mean smaller paychecks, less stability

On-call workers struggle to make ends meet

Retail watchers say big-box stores and shopping-mall stalwarts are increasingly hiring workers for on-call shifts, a trend that cuts labor costs, but leaves workers struggling to get by.
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Apr 6, 2012, 9:30 am
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Here’s the thing, and I am ashamed to say I myself didn’t learn this life lesson as early as I should have…

You can say no.

There are many mistakes of my youth I wish I could change. If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a younger man, I would tell him to make a fair decision as to what he is worth, what he is and is not willing to do, what he is willing to tolerate and not willing to tolerate, when he does and does not want to work, and to stand his ground on those issues. I would also tell him that there are other jobs out there.

in my life I’ve noticed that employment is a lot like dating. Most folks work toward that marriage, but for those still in the dating world…some people understand that there are plenty of fish in the sea, that there are people that are right for them and not right for them, that they have a “type”...and some people will stay in the same abusive relationship for a long time because their partner makes them believe that they can’t do any better. Employment is a lot like that.

To the people with the call-in shifts, I offer them that when they don’t get to work that particular day, then that’s all the more time to get their resumes in order, pound the pavement (or virtual pavement) to look for opportunities, or maybe attend interviews.

I have to say that, based on what I read here, I do like the idea of Macy’s flex-team shifts. For folks who don’t want a full-time commitment it seems great. And, props to Macy’s for understanding that flexibility should be a two-way street. Many employers either don’t get that concept for they just don’t care.

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