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Space veterans endorse Mitt Romney

Despite Gingrich moon base pledge, Romney gets endorsement

The last man to walk on the moon and the first space shuttle pilot are among the eight space leaders who endorsed Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Friday.
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Jan 29, 2012, 7:57 am
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In a speech in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Friday, Romney said he doesn’t currently have a grand vision for the U.S. space program, the Washington Post reported. However, he said, if elected, he would bring together the nation’s top experts in government and the private sector to decide what its mission should be.

“Before you make tough decisions, you start off by saying what’s the objective?” Romney said, according to the Post. “And then you say what’s the data and see what information you have. And then you create hypotheses, to see what different choices might be, and then you choose one… [and] you expect a leader to deliver and get it done.”

...according to “We support Mitt’s candidacy and believe that his approach to space policy will produce results instead of empty promises.”

Huhnnhh?? What approach…sounds like the endorsement comes from their cerebral space…so they prefer empty thought to what they consider to be “empty promises”. Given that attitude, perhaps they have themselves to blame for lackluster vision justifying the expansion of the space program.

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