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High-capacity magazine sellers raise millions for NRA

A review uncovers symbiotic ties between sellers of high-capacity gun magazines and the NRA, including fund-raising tactics to underwrite lobbying.

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Jan 23, 2011, 4:04 pm
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Wow! Well done; very nice, indeed! As smear jobs go, this one is a real masterpiece! You even managed to use that scary term “high-capacity magazine” 16 times in your attempt to characterize a huge non-event as some kind of late breaking scandal that you have cleverly exposed. Well done.

Now if you don’t mind my injecting a little honest perspective into your ridiculous rant, let me just point out a few things:

First, implying that Brownells and Midway, as “firms that deal in high-capacity magazines”, are involved in some kind of nefarious relationship with the NRA is a lot like accusing WalMart of being in some underhanded relationship with oil companies because they sell oil filters.

Brownells and Midway sell gun parts and shooting supplies and stock tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of items. High-capacity magazines are just a minuscule part of their sales, and in spite of your admittedly heroic attempts to use the term as many times as possible, calling these retailers “firms that sell high-capacity magazines” is just plain stupid. It like calling WalMart a “firm that deals in high-powered weapons supplies” because they sell shotgun shells. Safeway and Kroger sell Drano, but it would be very misleading to refer to them (16 times, no less!) as “firms that deal in caustic chemicals”, now wouldn’t it?

Secondly, these stores ask customers if they want to round their purchase totals up to the nearest dollar so they can support an organization that is fighting to protect their rights to own guns in the first place. So what? If donating their pocket change to the fight for gun rights is asking too much, customers are free to decline.

And finally, as for your great expose’ about these same miscreants being on the NRA board of directors, I would just point out that the NRA board of directors is elected by the organization’s 4 million members. If not people who are somehow involved in the shooting sports in one way or another, who do you expect NRA members to elect, PETA members? Handgun Control (now called the Brady Campaign) supporters? Get real.

This is a total non-issue dressed up to look like something underhanded and scandalous. It’s not. It’s just shooters donating their loose change to an organization that many of them already belong to, and pay $35 a year for the privilege to boot. Move along; nothing to see here.

Nice try though.

Jan 24, 2011, 4:20 pm
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If the relationships between gun merchants and the NRA are obvious and innocuous, why the strong response followed by an admonition to “move along?”

Despite the somewhat editorializing language, “...done just about everything to help…,” I learned something new from the article.

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