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Kyrsten Sinema again pivotal as Senate Democrats scramble for 50 votes

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the enigmatic Democrat from Arizona, is once again at the center of attention in Congress, where she’s the linchpin in Democrats’ plans to pass a party-line climate, health and taxes bill.... Read more»

Jury awards $4.1M to parents of Sandy Hook victims in defamation case vs. Alex Jones

A Texas jury on Thursday ordered conspiracy theorist and media personality Alex Jones to pay $4.1 million to the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim who sued him for defamation after he repeatedly claimed the school shooting was a hoax.... Read more»

Monkeypox declared a public health emergency in United States

The Biden administration declared monkeypox a public health emergency on Thursday, following pressure from lawmakers and health experts to open up more resources to contain the growing outbreak. ... Read more»

Az attorney, UA grad Roopali Desai confirmed as 9th Circuit judge

Roopali Desai, a attorney from the Phoenix area and a triple graduate of the University of Arizona, was confirmed as the newest judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday, with a 67-29 vote in the Senate. ... Read more»

Members of U.S. Senate committee consider bipartisan changes to Electoral Count Act

Lawmakers from both parties and legal experts at a U.S. Senate hearing on Wednesday outlined the need to pass legislation clarifying an archaic election law so that the peaceful transfer of presidential power is ensured.... Read more»

Democrats launch campaign highlighting Blake Masters' 'extreme' abortion position

Democrats are launching an ad campaign about the “extreme” position on abortion of Republican nomination for U.S. Senate Blake Masters, who has referred to abortion as a “sacrificial ritual” to the left and called for a federal “personhood” law for fetuses.... Read more»

Brittney Griner found guilty in Russian drug case, sentenced to 9 years

A Russian court on Thursday sentenced Brittney Griner, a WNBA basketball star and Houston native, to nine years in prison for bringing less than a gram of cannabis oil in vape cartridges into the country.... Read more»

Biden signs executive order supporting travel for abortions

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Wednesday aiming to protect people crossing state lines to get an abortion, the second presidential order Biden’s made regarding abortion access since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.... Read more»

Election officials at U.S. Senate hearing describe threats, spread of misinformation

During a hearing on protecting election officials, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee explored how to combat violent threats against election officials - while Republicans questioned threats against crisis pregnancy centers and Supreme Court justices. ... Read more»

Record rent increases, low wages are driving an eviction crisis, U.S. Senate panel told

Witnesses in a Tuesday hearing detailed to a Senate committee how investors and stagnant wages are driving an eviction and housing crisis across the U.S., with families priced out of buying homes and rents increasing faster than they ever have on record.... Read more»

What private equity firms are and how they operate

From housing to hospitals and fisheries to fast food, private equity investors have acquired a host of businesses in recent decades and control more than $6 trillion in assets in the U.S. - but what makes them different from any other type of investor?... Read more»

Webb telescope captures images of chaotic Cartwheel Galaxy

The James Webb Space Telescope has peered back 500 million years to reveal new images of the aptly named Cartwheel Galaxy, and images released Tuesday shed light on the rare circumstance that created the galaxy's striking spoked-wheel shape. ... Read more»

From heat deaths to worsening allergies, climate change harms health

Turn It Around!, a project enlisting young people across the globe - is working to help educate adults about the dangers of climate change as concerns about the impact of the crisis on health are driving health care professionals to become advocates for change.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Every vote will count in Ciscomani-Engel race in Az's CD 6

Don't be shocked if the election between Engel and Ciscomani in Arizona's CD 6 is settled by less than 200 votes. The Southern Arizona congressional district is drawn up for bone-on-bone close. So get that 'I voted' sticker, folks. Tell the world you voted on Nov. 8. ... Read more»

Navajo Code Talker Samuel Sandoval dead at 98; only 3 Navajo Code Talkers remain

One of the few remaining Navajo Code Talkers, Samuel Sandoval, has died at the age of 98. ... Read more»

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