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A right-wing think tank claimed to be a church. Members of Congress want to investigate.

40 members of Congress asked the IRS and Treasury to investigate an “alarming pattern” of right-wing advocacy groups registering with the tax agency as churches, allowing the groups to shield themselves and makes it easier to avoid audits.... Read more»

How Medicare prescription drug coverage would change under U.S. Senate Democrats’ bill

A major spending bill from U.S. Senate Democrats would allow Medicare for the first time in its history to begin negotiating the prices of certain high-priced prescription drugs — a proposal that’s been around for years but has never come close to the finish line.... Read more»

Factory-built homes could help solve housing crisis

Nationwide, there's an estimated shortage of about 3.8 million housing units - stemming from growing investor ownership of homes and a construction slowdown that began in 2008 - and manufactured homes are seen as essential for providing new housing.... Read more»

Patients & doctors trapped in gray zone when abortion laws, emergency care mandate conflict

Since the Supreme Court erased the constitutional right to abortion in June, pregnant patients and doctors are in an impossible position — squeezing between anti-abortion laws and the federal Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act.... Read more»

Joe Manchin’s price for supporting climate change bill: A natural gas pipeline in his home state

Democratic leadership agreed to legislation streamlining permits for the often-stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline and removing jurisdiction from a court that keeps ruling against the project - in exchange for Sen. Joe Manchin's vote on the climate change bill.... Read more»

U.S. Senate passes major health, tax & climate bill in boost for Democrats

The U.S. Senate, along party lines, passed a sweeping energy, health care, climate and tax package Sunday afternoon, following an overnight marathon of votes that resulted in just a handful of notable changes to the legislation.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

People try to put us down: Abortion's generational divide runs deep in GOP

Abortion is being presented today by big-government Christians as a "life" issue. It's always been more about a backlash against the sexual revolution and women's liberation. Younger Republican women know they have benefited from both.... Read more»

'Children are not little adults' & need special protection during heat waves

After more than a week of record-breaking temperatures across much of the country, public health experts are cautioning that children are more susceptible to heat illness than adults are - and they rely on adults to help protect them from overheating.... Read more»

Texas gov. says state is now busing migrants to New York City

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that Texas is now busing migrants from the Mexican border to New York City, the state’s latest confrontation with an East Coast city over the influx at the border - months after Texas began offering migrants rides to Washington, D.C.... Read more»

Looser liquor laws boosted restaurants — and maybe problem drinking

Most states that allowed curbside pickup or home delivery of alcohol to help restaurants, bars and liquor stores survive pandemic closures have extended the looser liquor laws - but states might be fueling binge drinking and higher overall alcohol consumption.... Read more»

Here’s what police & car dealers recommend to deter catalytic converter theft

Drivers may not know what catalytic converters do, but it’s clear that they’re valuable - with thefts of the emissions-control devices skyrocketing across the country - as Arizonans reported 2,046 thefts in 2021, an increase of 1,340% over 2019.... Read more»

Warning of 'total attack' by progressives, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gives fiery speech at CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference kicked off in Dallas on Thursday, and nestled between speakers like Fox News commentator Sean Hannity was an unusual guest: Viktor Orbán, the strongman leader of Hungary since 2010.... Read more»

Judge gives tentative OK to $6 billion student debt relief deal

A federal judge gave a tentative thumbs up to a $6 billion deal between the feds and a class of student borrowers to forgive loan debt - relief applied to borrowers who submitted a borrower defense application by June 22.... Read more»

Volunteer networks in Mexico aid at-home abortions without involving doctors or clinics. They’re coming to Texas.

Before abortion was legal in parts of Mexico, an extensive “accompaniment” system grew to help women safely terminate pregnancies - its organizers are now moving abortion-inducing medication across the border and helping replicate the system in the U.S.... Read more»

En México, voluntarios ayudan con abortos en casa, sin médico. Este modelo ha llegado a Texas.

Los organizadores de un extenso sistema de "acompañamiento" para ayudar a las mujeres a interrumpir embarazos de manera segura ahora están trasladando medicamentos para inducir el aborto a través de la frontera y replicando el sistema en los EE. UU.... Read more»

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