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Deputies: Rescued mutt was dog-fighting 'bait'

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Deputies: Rescued mutt was dog-fighting 'bait'

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A severely injured pitbull mix found on the South Side is believed to have been used as bait in training fighting dogs, sheriff's deputies said.

The dog, who suffered broken bones and a "traumatic amputation" of a hind leg, is being treated until he can be moved to a foster home, said Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Dawn Barkman in a press release.

The dog was found near South Old Nogales Highway and East Hughes Access Road, Barkman said.

The person who found the dog posted a message on Craigslist, saying they did not have the money to pay for his treatment. "In the advertisement it indicated that one of the dog’s legs had been amputated and that it was in dire need of help," Barkman said.

On Dec. 2, a Good Samaritan responded to the post, and took the pitbull mix to Acacia Animal Hospital, 4205 N. Campbell Ave., Barkman said.

"According to the veterinarian, the dog had suffered a traumatic amputation of one of the hind legs and had broken bones in two of his other legs. He was severely malnourished and had obvious bite marks, old and new injuries from repeated dog fighting," Barkman said:

At this time, the dog will continue to receive needed care at the hospital until such time that he can be cared for by a foster family. Ultimately, it is hoped that a permanent home can be found for this dog.

Detectives from the Community Problems Unit believe the dog was used as a “bait” dog. This is one of the cruelest acts performed by man. Bait dogs are what the term implies: dogs (and even cats) are used as bait to further the practice of the dogs that fight in the “ring.” And bait dogs do not stand a chance. The perpetrators behind the dog fighting do not just use the innocent dogs; they file their teeth down to the gum line, remove their nails or tape their muzzle shut. Bait dogs are not expected to live and the majority do not.

Anyone who knows of this type of criminal activity occurring is asked to show mercy on these defenseless animals and call 911 or 88-CRIME (882-7463).

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