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185 popped for holiday DUIs

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185 popped for holiday DUIs

The Southern Arizona DUI Task Force has arrested 185 alleged drunken drivers over the past three weeks, police said.

Officers arrested drivers "found to be impaired to the slightest degree from the use of alcohol and/or drugs," said Tucson Police Department Sgt. Chris Andreacola.

The task force includes officers from TPD, Pima County Sheriff's Department, University of Arizona Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Oro Valley Police Department and Marana Police Department.

Out of 5,695 contacts made by task force officers, 185 drivers were arrested for DUI. 64 of those drivers were arrested for extreme DUI. 26 of the drivers had a prior DUI, Andreacola said in a press release Thursday.

Police found 120 sober designated drivers among those pulled over, said Andreacola.

The average blood-alcohol content of those arrested was .152. Task force members wrote 1,308 non-DUI citations, the press release said.

Fifty-two of the drivers were arrested over the Thanksgiving holiday, police said last month.

DUI task force deployments are scheduled to continue through New Year's.

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